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Book Your Appointment

Please Note: If you are having trouble viewing the schedule on your phone use the link below to our separate booking site. 

Please use the PTEverywhere booking system to register an account and select an appointment time. 

  • 15 minute phone consultations are available and complementary 

  • 30 minute Trigger Point Dry Needling Only and Cold Laser Treatment Only are available for current patients only

  • Payment is due at the time of your appointment

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Dr. Alyssa's Current Treatment Area

If you live outside the highlighted area or aren't sure, please contact me for additional information and about alternative in person treatment locations. 

In home sessions outside of this radius are available on a limited basis and with an added travel fee.

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What to Expect for your First Session

Please reach out with any questions regarding your specific care plan.

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First Pelvic Floor Therapy Session

Click to view a description of what a typical pelvic floor therapy initial assessment can entail.

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